Latest Products Latest Products Sun, 07 Aug 2022 21:22:05 +0530 en-us Glow Sign Sheets Mon, 31 Aug 2020 00:00:00 +0530 The company has emerged as a major Manufacturer and Supplier of Glow Sign Sheets in Delhi. The Glow Sign Sheets are specialty-formulated extruded plastic sheets that are developed especially for glow sign. Used in the indoor and outdoor signage and advertising danglers, the Glow Sign Sheets are UV resistant and are also protected from the effects of long-term heat exposure during extreme weather conditions. The Glow Sign Sheets are produced from a formulation developed that makes them unbreakable.   Highlights Of Glow Sign Sheets Unbreakable Protected against degradation from UV radiation and long-term heat exposure during extreme weather conditions Does not loose its gloss and does not fade Wide range of uses in outdoor & indoor signage and advertising applications Weather resistant High impact strength High chemical resistance Low temperature resistance Moisture Absorption : 0.008%. Very light and easy to install Easily cut with saw and can be nailed and screwed No warp during long-term heat exposure Translucent effect allows light transmission and hide back side fitting ABS Sheets Mon, 31 Aug 2020 00:00:00 +0530 The company is one of the major Manufacturers and Suppliers of ABS Sheets in Delhi. The ABS Sheets (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Sheets) are a widely used form of engineering thermo-plastic. The ABS Sheets are formed by the polymerization of styrene and acrylonitrile on to thermoplastic rubber. Then, the polymer is molten and combined with styrene acrylonitrile. The combination of the co-polymers gives the ABS Sheets an excellent surface appearance and makes it stronger, stiffer and tougher than the high impact polystyrene. The ABS Sheets are known for their resistance to high temperatures and chemicals.Features Of ABS Sheets High rigidity and impact strength Excellent electrical properties as well as moisture and creep resistance Good chemical and stress cracking resistance against inorganic salt solutions, alkalies and many acids (except strong oxidizing acids) Easily machinable to close tolerances Tough and dimensionally stable Easily electroplated Excellent scratch resistance Excellent weathering resistance Good wear and abrasion resistance Good thermoforming and printability   Applications Bus Body Doors Automobile Vacuum Forming Automobile Chair backs Chair Backs (non-automobile) Housing Equipment’s Luggage Automotive interior and exterior Aircraft interior trims Laboratory equipment Luggage, Office accessories, Toys Machine parts and rollers ABS Thicker PMMA layer Bath tubs Vanities Hand basins Shower trays ABS Standard PMMA layer Shower-boxes/cabins/cubicles Shower trays Shower walls Panels for bath tubs Hand basins Steam cabins HDPE Sheets Mon, 31 Aug 2020 00:00:00 +0530 The company is one of the well-known Manufacturers and Suppliers of HDPE Sheets in Delhi. The HDPE Sheets, offered by the company, possess high impact strength and absolute dimensional stability. The HDPE Sheets are the perfect combination of material-cut feature. The HDPE Sheets are used on automatic and semi-automatic cutting presses, die-cutters and cutting machines as well as roller presses as they are smooth and provide trouble free chopping, slicing and cutting. The HDPE Sheets are friendly with the knife and will not chip, crack or warp. The HDPE Sheets, offered by the company, are non-porous, non-absorbent and stain-resistant.Applications Of HDPE Sheets Luggage stiffener Shock absorbers lining Rain water gutter lining Card cans Automobile parts packing (fabrication) Automobile components by vacuum forming process Textile industries for making spinning cans and automobile spares Used for crates partition and thermoformed parts Water treatment plants as well as landfill, pond lining and oil trap pit lining For fabrication of vessels ducting and tanks lining Chopping boards & butcher blocks (from premium food grade HDPE Sheets) Household use Commercial food preparation Cutting/clicking boards for industrial, commercial as well as domestic applications HIPS Sheets Mon, 31 Aug 2020 00:00:00 +0530 We have acquired an enviable reputation as a Manufacturer and Supplier of HIPS Sheets in Delhi. The HIPS Sheets (High Impact Polystyrene Sheets) are available in standard as well as customized forms and sizes. The high-impact HIPS Sheets are a co-polymer of polystyrene and butadiene, which is widely known for its good dimensional strength and has balanced properties of impact strength, heat resistance, good thermo-formability and vacuum forming. The HIPS Sheets are inexpensive as well as light weight and are typically used for handling trays which accommodate lightweight products. The HIPS Sheet, offered by the company, has marginal resistance to impact and tearing, although it can be modified with a rubber additive to improve its durability.HIPS for Printing Offers a consistent, easily printed matte surface for either one or two sided printing applications Available in HIPS Sheet or Roll Stock form Suitable for Lithographic or Flexographic printing of displays, POP graphics, signs, trans-lights, tags and cards HIPS for Forming Perfect to be formed for demanding end-use applications in the food, dairy, and medical packaging industries Properties are compliant with strict food and medical regulations Suitable for form-fill-seal, thermoforming and die cutting applications Low residual and volatile nature makes them particularly useful in packaging for taste-and-odor-sensitive products Highlights Of HIPS Sheets Excellent thermoforming Excellent printing Great scratch resistance High gloss   Applications Of HIPS Sheets Printing HIPS Applications Signs ID cards Name tags Dials/decals Point of sale applications Forming HIPS Applications Medical packaging Food trays & containers Model making Dairy containers Industrial packaging Lids, plates, trays, patterns & forms Polypropylene Sheets Mon, 31 Aug 2020 00:00:00 +0530 The company has carved a niche for itself as a Manufacturer and Supplier of Polypropylene Sheets in Delhi. The Polypropylene Sheet is manufactured using high quality T-die extrusions for consistent quality. Polypropylene Sheets possess high impact and absolute dimensional stability characteristics along with a perfect combination of material-cut feature. Polypropylene Sheets are used on automatic and semi-automatic cutting presses, die-cutters and cutting machines and roller presses. Transparent Polypropylene Sheets, manufactured by the company, are a thermoplastic polymer. The Polypropylene Sheets are in great demand due to good resistance from fatigue. The clients can also avail a customized range of transparent Polypropylene Sheets as per their specifications and needs. Specially treated Polypropylene Sheets for printing industries are also available. Polypropylene Sheets are widely used in the competitive market because of their lesser density and have excellent chemical resistance in corrosive environments. Polypropylene Sheets can be easily welded and machined. The Homopolymer and copolymer grades of the Polypropylene Sheets, as well as, a popular heat-stabilized formulation, are used in various applications throughout the chemical and semiconductor industries.Applications Of Polypropylene Sheets Stationary for file folders and computer data binders Video cassettes covers Food packaging like box fabrication Provides two-side protective layer for beverage cans Thermoformed disposable cups, trays and containers Writing (black) boards Automobile industry Fish farm fixture Cutting/clicking boards for industrial, commercial and domestic applications Industries such as plastic, food packaging and textile Making plastic molded components Door cladding Polylite glow sign Automobile vacuum forming Book and file covers PP glass lining Tank lining and other lining material PP luggage stiffener Table mats Disposable cups & trays Laminated Sheets Mon, 31 Aug 2020 00:00:00 +0530 The company is one of the highly dependable Manufacturers and Suppliers of Laminated Sheets in Delhi. The Laminated Sheets, offered by the company, are a specially formulated sheet with UV resistant properties. The Laminated Sheets are fabric laminated and extruded plastic sheets, which are developed mainly to enhance the beauty of the roofs. The Laminated Sheets are available in various natural designs and patterns like forest, bubble, leaves and flowers to name a few.Salient Features Of Laminated Sheets Capable of withstanding long term heat exposure Weather resistant Excellent clarity which improves natural light transmission Light weight and minimal maintenance requirements Easily cut with saw, nails and screw High impact resistance UV stabilized Termite proof and fungus resistance High chemical resistance Moisture Absorption : 0.008% Excellent heat and sound insulation No Warp during long-term heat exposure Homogeneously colored Easy to install Conventional fixing methods applied for installation Applications Of Laminated Rooflite Sheets Cladding of main gates of the bungalows Farmhouses and domes Terrace garden Parking lots Wide range of non-fading colors including opaque, clear transparent & translucent colors like : Frosted blue Frosted green Frosted lemon Smoke grey Smoke brown Frosted orange Combinations For Laminated Sheets Self-emboss and plain Both side plain Plain and semi-mate surface finishes LDPE Sheets Mon, 31 Aug 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Meeting different demands of our clients, we are a noteworthy manufacturer, distributor andexporter of LDPE Sheets. LDPE is defined by a density range of 0.91 - 0.94 g/cm3. It is not reactive at room temperatures, except by strong oxidizing agents, and some solvents cause swelling. It can withstand temperatures of SODC continuously and 95oC for a short time. Made in translucent or opaque variations, it is quite flexible, and tough but breakable.   Applications of LDPE LDPE is widely used for manufacturing various containers, dispensing bottles, wash bottles, tubing, plastic bags for computer components, and various molded laboratory equipment. Its most common use is in plastic bags. Other products made from it include: Juice and milk cartons are made of liquid packaging board, a laminate of paperboard and LDPE (as the waterproof inner and outer layer), and often with of a layer of aluminum foil (thus becoming aseptic packaging). Packaging for computer hardware, such as hard disk drives, screen cards, and optical disc drives Parts that require flexibility, for which it serves very well Parts that need to be weldable and machinable Very soft and pliable parts such as snap-on lids Trays and general purpose containers Corrosion - resistant work surfaces Playground slides Six pack rings Plastic wraps Polycarbonate Sheets Mon, 31 Aug 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Polycarbonate is a polymer with a unique blend of desirable properties. This polymer can be given shape by different processes, which include injection moulding, blow moulding, extrusion - and_thermoforming. Polycarbonate roof sheets are manufactured by the process of extrusion. Polycarbonate roof sheets are commonly called transparent steel due to their wonderful impact resistance and glass like clarity.   Being an engineering thermoplastic, polycarbonate sheets can be thermoformed to make them suitable for a host of different applications where high performance is sought in combination with transparency/translucency. These plastic corrugated roof sheets can also be engineered to suit various innovative applications in the future.   General Polycarbonate Solid SheetGeneral Polycarbonate Solid Sheet has the transparency, but the weight is less than half of theglass, and has the high impact strength. Our company’s PC Sheet can bend, processed and hotmolding. It is widely used in constructions and decorations.Polycarbonate Embossed SheetWith high impact strength PC embossed sheet, may provide UV protection on one side orboth sides, widely used in constructions and decorations.Polycarbonate Frosted SheetWith high impact strength PC frosted sheet, may provide UV protection on one side or bothsides, widely used in constructions and decorations.